Betting on Fortaleza Esporte Clube 2022 Serie A Games

The Fortaleza Football Club, the ‘Lion of Pici,’ has been around since 1918. In addition to football, the club has always been active in basketball, futsal and handball. The red, white and blues are based in the north-eastern region of Brazil with clubs like Bahia, Vitoria, Santa Cruz and its biggest rival, Ceara!

Alcides Santos, the original founder of the club, spent time in France and so put the colours of the French flag into the club’s team strip. The Fortaleza Club won their first Cearense Championship title back in 1920, and their highest accolade was coming 1st in the Cearense state championship in 2021!

Having come 4th in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A in 2021, it meant they qualified for the Copa Libertadores for the first time in the club’s long history.

Presently the club’s Head Coach is Juan Pablo Vojvoda. He is a former professional footballer who joined Fortaleza in 2021. The club is doing well under his management and are comfortably in the top half of the table.

At the back for Fortaleza is Marcelo Boec. Before his transfer to Fortaleza in 2017, he made 7 league appearances for Chapecoense. In his role as defender, we should also mention Titi (Cristian Chagas Tarouco), who has played in the majority of this season’s league fixtures.

In the 2021 season of Cearense 1, he played four games for Fortaleza. Up front in attack is Robson (dos Santos Fernandes), who transferred from Coritiba in March 2021.

Outright bets on Fortaleza

Outright betting markets are those that apply to the season and league as a whole rather than individual matches. There are always several outright markets available the most popular of which are The League Winner, Top Scorer, and Relegation.

Serie A Winner

This season it doesn’t look like Fortaleza can manage a run at the title as they are quite a few points down from the leading teams. If current form is anything to go on then Palmeiras, Internacional and Flamengo are some of the top tips for this classic title bet.


Currently, Juventude, Atletico GO, Cuiaba and Avai are all in the danger zone and could face going down to the Serie B league. So check the best value odds.

Top 4 Finish

For the outright betting market, a punt on a top 4 finish is always quite an exciting prediction. It’s pretty clear at the moment that the teams to beat at the top are Palmeiras, Internacional and Flamengo. It does not matter what place a team finishes, your chosen team simply has to finish in the top four.

Game Bets on Fortaleza

There are always numerous markets available for individual football matches such as highest scorer, total goals, half-time scores and many more options.

Match Winner

This great classic bet is as simple as it gets. All you must do is select a match and choose who wins. For example, if Fortaleza are playing Flamengo, perhaps the odds are 4.80 for a Fortaleza win as Flamengo are having a good season, and the odds are longer for a Fortaleza victory!

Under/ Over Bets

With this type of game bet, it does not matter which team wins or loses, but what the score is. The market gives you a value and you are simply betting if the total number of goal scored in a game will be above or below that value. For example, if you place an over 2.5 bet on Palmeiras versus Ceara and there are three or more goals scored, you win the bet!

Both Teams to Score

This bet is very simple, you are simply betting on whether you think both teams playing will score. You can bet yes or no, it couldn’t be simpler.

Double Chance

A double chance bet covers two of the three possible outcomes from a game. For example, if Fortaleza are playing Flamengo you could bet on either team to win, on Fortaleza to win or a draw, or on Flamengo to win or a draw.

Have a great Serie A season and best of luck with your bets!