Betting on Esporte Clube Juventude 2022 Serie A Games

Juventude football club has been active since 1913 and the team plays its home games at the Estadio Alfredo Jaconi stadium. The stadium itself was inaugurated in 1975 and holds a capacity crowd of 30,000. The Alfredo Jaconi stadium was built to commemorate the Italian colonization of the region.

The club's most significant success came when they won the 1999 Copa do Brasil and in 1994, took the Serie B championship title. Juventude can also boast of winning the state league of Rio Grande do Sul in 1998.

Founded in 1913 by the sons of Italian immigrants, Juventude famously won their first-ever game against Serrano 4-0. The club's early days were glorious; they managed to win 23 consecutive games in their second ever season in 1915.

Like most clubs in Brazil, there have been ups and downs, good years and bad. In 2000, Juventude qualified for the Copa Libertadores but sadly went out in the first round.

After a 13-year absence, the club finally returned to Serie A in 2020 by brilliantly finishing 3rd in the Serie B league. In the 2021 season, they managed to finish 16th, narrowly escaping relegation.

This 2022 season has been disappointing for Juventude and for much of the season they have been at the bottom of the table. The team's backbone is defender Rodrigo Soares, but even his valiant efforts will not be enough to rescue the team this season.

Outright Bets on Juventude

There are several outright betting markets available. The key to success is to try and get your bets in early as these tend to give better value and longer odds. Outright bets are the wagers that consider the overall results of the season.

Serie A Champion

One of the great outright bets in the football markets is who will be top of the Serie A league. The odds are pretty good if you select your bets with a bit of football knowledge and as early as possible. In this 2022 season of Serie A football, clearly Juventude is out of this bet but there are many teams still in the race for this coveted title such as Internacional, Fluminense and Palmeiras.


Yes, what goes up must come down, sadly for Juventude they are very likely to be relegated this season. There is still a chance that they could turn things round. However, if you think they won’t manage, then this is an excellent bet.

Top Scorer in Serie A

It is also a good idea to consider Pedro Raul Garay da Silva and Ezequiel Cano, who scored 15 goals in the Serie A league matches. For Juventude sadly, there are not enough goals to consider for this top football record.

Top 4 Finish

For outright bets, an exciting choice for punters looking for decent odds away from just match betting is a top 4 finish. At present look for decent odds on Athletico PR, Flamengo and Corinthians who are all just off the top positions. It appears likely that Palmeiras are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the top 4, and as such, the odds offered on the team will be quite short.

Game Bets on Juventude

Match bets or game bets are those where the bettors can place their money on individual matches throughout the season. The great advantage is that, unlike outright bets, you only need to consider the teams' current form in the fixture. You can bet on various bets like match winner, full-time and full-time, half-time results, and so on.

Under/ Over Bets

A match bet is under /over when you simply predict the total goals scored. A value is provided by the market and you bet on whether you think there will be more or less goals scored than that value. For example, betting under 2.5 means if the match produces two or less goals, you win.

Best of luck with your bets, and enjoy the rest of a thrilling Serie A season!