Betting on Red Bull Bragantino 2022 Serie A Games

It was not so long ago that Red Bull Bragantino were playing in the 3rd division but they have come up to the Serie A League across successive seasons since 2018. Now it seems that it is a new and exciting era for the ‘Braga’.

One inspiration for the team is head coach Mauricio Barbieri, who has brought them up to the top tier of club football. He has overseen a huge number of wins with the club. His strategy is to get the team to dominate the play and to take the initiative.

Bragantino are a young attacking team who have become quite a hub for talented South American players. Currently the team includes young players from Uruguay, Venezuala, Ecuador and Colombia. One of the biggest recent signings was right-back Jose Hurtado from Independiente del Valle and the club hope he will strengthen the team from the defence.

Carlos Eduardo from Palmeiras and the dynamic midfielder Hyoran have both joined the club in recent months.

The pre-season Paulista championship is the state of Sao Paulo’s very own tournament and Braga managed to reach the semi-finals before losing in a tight game 2-1 to Palmeiras.

They have also been lucky to be playing teams such as Lélez Sarsfield and Estudiantes from Argentina and Nacional of Uruguay in this year’s Copa Libertadores. The team managed to avoid the huge distances travelled when drawn against football clubs in Colombia and Venezuela in sometimes high altitudes and exhausting temperatures.

One outstanding talent in the team is the winger Artur, who is scoring well and who became the highest scorer in the Copa Sudamericana last year with an impressive 7 goal run.

Outright Bets on Bragantino

Serie A League Winner

Naturally when betting on Bragantino it is always worth considering the outright bets. While it is highly unlikely that Bragantino will win the league this year, it is still a betting market worth being aware of.

Top Goal Scorer

At present, Luan Candido is scoring well for Bragantino and so he is certainly a contender for top goal scorer. Another player worth a punt on is the very much in form Artur Victor who has played in most of his league games and is scoring regularly with his left foot.

Teams for Relegation

You can also consider betting on which teams you think will be relegated from Serie A League. Currently Juventude are bottom of the league and they face a true battle to avoid relegation at the end of the season.

Bragantino Game Bets

Match Winner

This is always a popular bet, it is simply a bet on a team win a game or a game to end in a draw. Let’s imagine that if Bragantino play Sao Paulo then you may be given odds of 3.5 which means a nice return on your money. In other words if you bet $100 on the right team you will win $350 back!

Total Goals

If you have been following the ‘Braga’ and feel like you can predict their next match score then have punt on a total goals bet. Let’s say that Bragantina play Palmeiras and the score is 3-3 then if you placed a bet on 6 goals then you will win! It’s a simple as that.

Under / Over Bets

This is also a way of betting on the number of goals scored, but you do not have to be specific. The market provides a value and you bet on whether you think the total goals scored in the game will be over or under that value. For example, if you place a bet of under 2.5 on Bragantino versus Santos FC it means you will win as long as no more than two goals are scored in the match.

However you place your bets, have a great Serie A season!