Campeonato Brasileirão Série A Advanced Betting Guide

Introduction to the Campeonato Brasileirão Série A

The Brasileirão is a professional football league where the top teams from around the country ply their trade. It is not only hugely popular in Brazil but comprises some of the most world’s most successful clubs in international competitions, with 10 world champions titles won by six clubs, and the second most Copa Libertadores titles. It has a dedicated following in the South Americas and is broadcast in over 150 countries around the world.

Fans can enhance their match watching thrills by trying out some of our amazing football bets. In addition to the standard bets such as moneylines, total goals, handicaps, and so on, there are also numerous advanced betting options.

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Advanced Betting

Advanced bets may sound complicated but they are actually easy to understand. They focus on details that are more specific than the standard bets and in some cases that can bring extremely long odds. Advanced bets are also highly advantageous as they can single out certain aspects of a game that may be easier to research.

Advanced Football Bets


Outrights offer fans the chance to place their bets early. These are bets that relate to the season as a whole, there will be bets for each of the participating teams to win the upcoming league. Outrights will also be available during a season, but the odds are usually preferable before the season begins.

Correct Score

This is a bet that requires bettors to predict the exact score at the end of the game. It is a difficult bet to win, but this is reflected in the extremely long odds that are offered for any of the bets. Punters will be able to find a list of possible outcomes and they need to pick one to place a bet.

Game Props

There are many different types of props that can be found for individual football games in the Brasileirão. These can be bets on certain scenarios that may unfold during a game, or they can be bets on game statistics. Bets relating to the game as a whole may be which half will have more goals, exact number of goals at the end of a game, will the total number of goals be odd or even, and many more. There may be bets such as correct score at any time during the game, which team will open the scoring, will both teams score in the first half or second half, correct score in the first half or second half, will either team keep a clean sheet in the first half or second half, and so on.

In addition to goals, there may also be additional bets on details such as corners, whether there will be a penalty, whether there will be a freekick goal, shots, and many more.

Combo Bets

Punters looking to make more daring bets can explore the combos. These are bets that combine two bets for massive odds or in some cases, offers punters combinations where if either of the criteria are met during a game then the bet pays out.

The combinations may include bets such as match result with a total goals bet, multiple correct score bets, or put a prop such as will both teams score together with a total goals bet. These will pay out if the requirements of one bet is met, which means that the odds on these bets will not be huge, but they will have a good chance of winning.

The other combinations can be a mixture of any two bets, as long as they do not contradict each other. There are some hugely popular combos such as: result and both teams to score, double chance and total goals, result and total goals, a team will win the first half but not win the game, first team to score and match result, half time and full time results with total goals, and many more.

The odds for these combinations will have quite a large range. In a bet where the favourite is backed to score the first goal and win the game for example, the odds may be longer than individual bets, but not by a lot. Bets such as half time result and full time result with total goals may have longer odds as they are slightly more detailed. There are many different possibilities to explore, and these can vary from match to match so it is always useful for punters to check to see what combos are on offer for each game.

Player Props

These bets allow punters to put money on whether certain players will score during a game. There may be individual bets for every player in either team, and punters can bet on whether a single player will score at any time during a match, whether they will open the scoring, or whether they will score the last goal. The odds offered on these bets can be quite longer, even on the main goal scorers of either team.

Live Bets

As soon as a game starts, the pregame betting markets will be closed and the live market will open. This will offer punters the main bets such as full time result, tie no bet, double chance, total goals, and so on, but with live odds. There may also be a number of special live bets that relate to what will happen next in the game such as which team will score the next goal, will the next goal come from open play, will both teams score in the half, and many more exciting bets.