Bet When You Want with Virtual Sport

We all know that sports betting is hugely exciting. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy football, tennis,horseracing, golf, basketball, cricket, or anything else, having a bet riding on an event makeswatching it far more exciting. The feeling of seeing your favourites win while knowing that you havealso just won your bet is about as good as it gets.However, while there is a huge amount of sporting action in the world, unfortunately, it isn’t takingplace all of the time. This is where virtual sports come in. Thanks to modern technology, you canenjoy betting on your favourite sports whenever you wish. As the name suggests, virtual sports arecomputer generated events, but they offer almost exactly the same betting possibilities as the realthing.Here at Galera you can bet on a huge number of virtual sports. You will find virtual versions offootball, cycling tennis, golf, cricket, dog racing, motorsports, and more. It means that the vastmajority of sports fans will find at least one game that appeals to them, allowing them to place a betat any time.Furthermore, just because the sports are virtual it doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on thefun of watching the events. The virtual sports games feature videos and graphical simulations. In thecase of short events, such as a horse race, you may be able to watch the entire thing, while when itcomes to longer events, such as a football match, you will be shown a highlights reel. The videos alsoinclude commentary and sound effects, making them hugely engaging and realistic.One of the best things about virtual sports is that you are in complete control of when the eventsstart. It means that there is no waiting around after placing your bets to discover if you have won.Simply set up your bets, click on start, and watch as the action unfolds. If you are really in a rush,then you can even skip the video and find out if you have won in seconds.Virtual sports provide you with an entirely new way to enjoy sports betting. If you are yet toexperience it for yourself, then start exploring the games today. We are sure you’ll have a thrillingtime.

Bet On Virtual Football

If you are a fan of football, then you will find a range of virtual sports games that appeal. We havetitles such as Rush Football Live, Rush Football Go, and Football Favourites. These bring you virtualversions of some of the biggest leagues in the world, such as the English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga, and German Bundesliga. Furthermore, you will also find virtual versions of major tournamentssuch as the FIFA World Cup.When betting on the games you will find that there is great flexibility. The options go far beyond justbetting on one of the teams to win. For example, you can bet on both teams to score, how manygoals there will be, the correct score, and so on. You can even place accumulator bets, which couldland you some huge returns. Perhaps most excitingly, the games even offer a cash out option, so youmay be able to salvage your bets if things don’t seem to be going your way. In short, if you are afootball fan, then we have everything you need.

Bet On Virtual Horse and Greyhound Racing

While betting on virtual horses or dog racing can’t quite rival a day out at the track, it can come veryclose. The virtual racing games here allow you to bet on races taking place at some of the world’smost famous courses, such as Ascot and Barking Green.When it comes to placing your bets, you will find that you can bet on horses or dogs to win, thereare proposition bets, such as an even numbered horse to win, there are bets on what horses/dogswill finish in what order, and far more. In other words, the games provide you with all you couldpossibly need for a thrilling betting experience and the chance of huge winnings.

Bet on Virtual Motorsports

If you are a fan of motorsports then you will love the motorbike and car racing options that we have.For example, you can bet on virtual Speedway races and you will find masses of betting options.There are straight forward bets, such as on which driver will win, but there are a number ofentertaining bets, such as on the favourite not to finish in the first two.After placing your bets you will be treated to a thrilling virtual rendition of the race, complete withsound effects and commentary, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have everdreamt of racing round a track, then you will not want to miss out on the excitement these gamesoffer.

Bet on Many More Virtual Sports

You will find that there are many more virtual sports that you can bet on here at Galera. Theseinclude darts, golf, cricket, and tennis. Each of them brings you a huge range of bets that you canplace together with virtual action that is packed full of excitement. While virtual sports may not yetquite match the real thing, we are willing to bet that you will have a great time exploring them all.