Betting on Ceara Sporting Club 2022 Serie A Games

One of the grand old clubs of Brazil, Ceara SC, were founded in 1914 and are fondly known as 'Vovo' or Grandpa! The long history of Ciara SC has meant many changes over the years, but Lucho Gonzalez is currently in the position of head coach.

Ceara managed 11th position in the 2021 Serie A season and was 2nd in the regional Cearense championship.

The biggest rivals and a great game to watch or bet on is between Ceara and Fortaleza. The derby played between the two clubs is the biggest in the city of Fortaleza and has been played an incredible 574 times, with Ceara on top with 193 wins and Fortaleza following with 176.

This season Ceara's Stiven Mendoza has performed well in an attacking midfield position and is currently the club's top scorer with nine goals. Teammate Richard is also very important in his role of goalkeeper, and in 11 matches played has only conceded 1 goal. In addition, Marcos Victor has had a very solid season so far in his role as a central midfielder. He has played 10 matches and has won 70% of his games. In the centre-forward role, we have Ze Roberto, who has played 15 matches this season, scored six goals, and provided two assists. His overall record reflects the club's general results by winning 49% of his games.

The current manager is Lucho Gonzalez, who began his contract with the club in September of this year. Another key forward in Ceara is Cleber, who has been scoring consistently this season

Outright Bets on Ceara FC

Outright bets are those that consider the result of the whole season, the League Winner, Top Scorer, Relegation and so on.

Serie A League Winner

Of course, it is always worth considering outright bets as they usually have longer odds than match bets, but then the probabilities are much higher. This 2022 season it does not look likely that Ceara can win the League and rather, we would favour Palmeiras, Internacional or Flamengo on their current form to take the title.

Top Goal Scorer

At present, the 27th ranked forward, Stiven Mendoza, has scored nine goals and is one to consider for the long odds of achieving top goal scorer. However, we can see the top scorers like German Ezequiel Cano and Pedro Raul Garay da Silva are both on 15 goals, so are a safer bet with reduced odds.


As well as looking at the top of the table, we must consider the bottom too. The bottom of the Serie A league are Juventude, AC Goianiense and Cuiaba EC and so check the odds and see if you can predict who you think will go down.

Top 4 Finish

Another outright bet is whether your team will finish in the top 4 places in the Serie A league. The hot favourites presently are Palmeiras, Fluminense, International and Flamengo. Just remember it does not matter which exact position your team ends up, if they finish in the top 4 you take home your winnings!

Game Bets on Coara FC

The most popular betting markets are the game or match bets, which can include many exciting options. These often include total goals, full-time results and half-time results, both teams to score and the highest scorer.

Match Winner

The match winner is a classic bet on a football game. All you need to do is select the match you want to bet on and predict the winner. For example, if you choose Santos to win against Internacional, you may be offered something like 4.50 odds as Internacional are in great form, and Santos have been struggling. The longer the odds the more significant the winnings, but the greater the risks!

Under / Over Bets

You may also like to try your luck with an under/over style of bet. If you fancy a 1.5 over bet with Goias against Ceara it means that if the teams score is 2 or more goals between them, you win your bet. Therefore, it does not matter who wins but what the total score is!

Good luck with your bets and have a great Serie A season with Ceara SC!