Betting on Cuiaba Esporte Clube 2022 Serie A Games

Cuiaba, as the club is generally known to its fans, is based in Mato Grosso, the central west region of Brazil. Currently, the head coach is Antonio Oliveira, a Portuguese former professional footballer who played as a defender for the Benfica B team. The club plays in Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and are in the top league of the Mato Grosso state football league. The club’s stadium is the Arena Pantanal, which can hold up to 42,000 fans.

The club has had many setbacks over the years but in 2015, it won the biggest title in its history, the Copa Verde, by beating Remo in an exhilarating battle between the two teams. This win meant they qualified for the Copa Sudamericana, which was the club’s first international competition. Cuiaba lost in the second round to Chapecoense.

2018 and 2019 were good years for Cuiaba as they won the Mato-Grossense in consecutive years, meaning promotion to Serie B. The success continued, and finally, for the first time in the long history of the club, they were promoted to Serie A after coming fourth in the battle for a place in the top league.

This season, Cuiaba is struggling somewhat, but they have had some good results, such as the 2-1 win over America Mineiro, which was particularly impressive as they had lost earlier in the season to them and are well below them in the Serie A league.

One of Cuiaba’s top goal scorers is Rodriguinho. Also doing well for the club is Andre Felipe (Ribeiro de Souza).

Outright Betting on Cuiaba

There are many options to choose from if you want to place an outright bet. You can check out the odds for the winner of the league, top goal scorer, relegation teams and many more options.

Winner of the Serie A League

When betting on who will win the league title, it is always best to try to place the bet at the beginning of the season when the odds on the favourites are longest. This 2022 season is not the time for Cuiaba to take the title, so it would be better to have a punt on one of the teams in the top 4. Currently, the clubs in the running are Palmeiras, Internacional, Fluminense and the Corinthians.

Serie A Top Scorer

One of the classic outright bets is who will be the top scorer in the competitive Serie A league. At present, the highest scorer for the club is Rodriguinho, but with only a moderate three goals under his belt, it is not recommended to bet on him taking this coveted title. Presently, it’s Pedro Raul Garay and German Ezequiel who have both scored 15 goals and are favourites for this type of bet.


What goes up must go down, sadly! Yes, the race for relegation is quite a popular bet. Cuiaba is amongst the teams that look as if they will be battling for survival in Serie A.

Serie A Top 4 Finish

Another outright option is a top 4 finish. This 2022 season, it looks unlikely that Cuiaba will manage this. The wiser bets will be on clubs such as Atletico Mineiro, Atletico Paranaense and Flamengo, all of whom are in contention for a top four finish.

Game bets on Cuiaba

Away from all the outright betting options are the individual match bets you can place a wager on. For example, full-time and half-time results, total goals, both teams to score and many more.

Match Winner

This is the simplest way to bet on a football match, avoiding confusing odds. Select your game and choose a winner, it makes no difference what the score is as long as your team wins! The more challenging the opposition the longer the odds. If Cuiaba play Palmeiras, expect a large payout if they manage a win!

Have a terrific Serie A season with Cuaiba and good luck with your bets!