Betting on Coritiba Foot Ball Club 2022 Serie A Games

Often known as the ‘Coxa’, Coritiba Foot Ball Club have been around since 1912 and was established when a group of young men met in a German-Brazilian Gymnastics club. Fredrico ‘Fritz’ Essenfelder came to the club with a leather ball one day and explained the rules of the ‘beautiful game’. The club of Coritiba was born from this informal meeting. The friends started organising matches, the club’s membership expanded, and success on the pitch soon came.

In 2011, Coritiba had a great run and qualified for the Copa do Brasil after beating Ceara. They just missed out in the final against Vasco da Gama only losing out because the away goal points system hindered their success. The following year in 2012, Coritiba won the Campeonato Paranaense for the third time. This meant they qualified for the Copa do Brasil but drew 2-1 against the mighty Palmeiras.

The club play in green and white, the colours of the state flag of Paraná. The club has the 13th highest market value of all the Brazilian clubs at R$ 118.5 million. The home stadium of Estadio Coulo Pereira holds a crowd of 40,000, and the head coach is presently Guto Ferreira.

This 2022 season, the club has been struggling somewhat. While they have enjoyed some good results, they do appear to be struggling with consistency.

Luciano Castan has been very solid in defence this season. He has played 25 games out of 27 and clocked up a massive 2,250 minutes of playing time with Coritiba. The last league game he played was not the result the team wanted, losing 2-0 against Botafogo.

William Farias is another regular contributor to the team in midfield and has been selected for several games so far this season. He played in the winning match against Avai when they won 1-0. However, he has also been booked a number of times in this 2022 league season.

Forward Fabricio Daniel is also having a good season and has scored on several occasions.

Outright Betting on Coritiba

One of the most popular category of betting markets in football is the outright bets you can make on teams in Serie A matches. These are bets that are often placed early on in the season. For example, league winner, relegation and top scorer are just some of the markets available.

League Winner of Serie A

It seems that Coritiba may be out of the running for this particular bet, but you can choose any team you think has a good chance of raising the league trophy. The current favourites are Flamengo, Internacional and Palmeiras, who have all had excellent seasons so far.

Top Scorer

Always fun and exciting to predict who you think will end the season with the most goals. Currently, for Coritiba, the highest scorer is the talented Alef Manga, who has scored nine goals after joining the club in December 2021 on loan from Volta Redonda. However, the safer betting might be on Pedro Raul Garay da Silva or German Ezequiel Cano, who have each scored an impressive 15 goals so far this season in Serie A.

Serie A Relegation

Yes, there is always a fight at the bottom of the league so why not think about betting on the team you predict will be relegated. At this time in the season, it looks like Cuiba EC, AC Goianiense, and Juventude are likely to go down, but anything could happen! Take a look at the odds for this outright bet.

Top 4 Finish

Another market for outright betting is trying to predict who will be in the top 4 at the season's close. At this moment, the chances are slim for Coritiba but study the odds for Flamengo, International, Fluminense and Palmeiras. You win your bet if you select a team who finishes in the top 4 positions!

Game Bets

Naturally, you can also place bets on individual games, known as game bets. These can include match winner, total goals, full-time and half-time results, both teams to score and the top scorer.

Enjoy a great Serie A season, and best of luck with your bets!