Comparing the Ben Simmons and James Harden Trades

Following a great deal of speculation, one of the biggest trades of the season has taken place and James Harden is on the move to the Philadelphia 76ers. In the other direction, the Australian Ben Simmons, is ready to join up with the Brooklyn Nets to kick start his season.

Both of these big name moves may have a huge impact on the remainder of the NBA season and we will take a look at how the deals may impact each team and if they are likely to be a success.

Has the president of the Sixers pulled a masterstroke in pulling in Harden, who has been voted for and selected to play in his tenth All-Star game. With impressive form for most of the season, the last 10 games have seen the 76ers win 6 and lose 4. Is Harden the man to really help them push on to glory? The 76ers have also brought in Paul Millsap.

In the other direction, Simmons joins the Nets who are on a terrible run of 10 losses on the bounce having recently lost to Washington Wizards, albeit just one point. Simons is a three time all star and he might just be what the Brooklyn Nets are looking for to put their season back on track. The nets have also received Seth Curry and Andre Drummond.

Philadelphia 76ers – James Harden

Harden’s trade has opened a new chapter in his career and it may be just what he needs. This season he has not been himself with his season statistics reading 22.5 points, 8 rebounds and 10.2 assists per game, down against his historic figures. Despite this Harden remains a top 20 player.

The introduction of Harden and his link up with the Cameroonian Joel Embiid will be an interesting combination together with the shooting prowess of teammates Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris. Losing Seth Curry means Harden will have to bring these players into the game and help them step up to improve upon the team’s shooting record of 28th in attempts. Expect their tactics to change to counteract this in the run towards the play offs.

Harden also has a great defensive record but can be prone to the odd error. With the Sixers having a strong defensive unit, in particular Matisse Thybulle who can sweep up, it will mean they have a team that can go on to be strong championship contenders.

Brooklyn Nets: Ben Simmons

With their current poor form, losing Harden may seem like there is no way back for the Nets. However, Simmons, a three time All Star, needs to get back on to the court and has the opportunity to prove his worth. Still relatively early in his playing career and voted second in Defensive Player of the Year voting, Simmons has the chance to help the Nets improve their current defensive ranking of 20th in the NBA championship. Such a record does not bode well for the Nets championship credentials.

Simmons has the versatility to defend in all positions and contribute to the offense although he may have to adapt strategically to the usual free flowing approach of the Nets. It will be interesting to see him link up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to improve the team’s position of 27th ranking in points added.

With Seth Curry, the Nets also have a great deal to replace the injured Joe Harris and consolidate their shooting. Recent form suggests the Nets championship hopes are dead and buried, yet despite losing Harden, the signing of Simmons and Curry can help to put them back on the right track.