Introduction to the EuroLeague

Fans of European basketball teams will no doubt be waiting with excitement for each year's EuroLeague. The competition gives the best European clubs and basketball players the chance to win a highly sought after trophy and establish themselves as the champions of Europe. The league lasts all season long, with the regular league starting at the end of September and lasting all the way through to the beginning of April. The competition has a busy schedule and attracts a huge television viewership. Once the regular season concludes, the top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs, with the winners advancing to the stage of the Final Four. This is when the league becomes even more exciting, as the last four remaining teams play in knockout games held over a single weekend.

There are many teams to look out for each year as the European competition begins, such as the Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona, Greek teams Panathinaikos and Olympiacos, Italy's Milan, Germany's Bayern Munich and ALBA Berlin, Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv, and the up and coming Turkish teams Fenerbahce Beko and Anadolu Efes.

EuroLeague Advanced Betting

If you enjoy watching the EuroLeague and placing bets on games, then you will love our huge selection of advanced basketball bets. These bets are called advanced not because they are difficult to understand, but instead because in order for them to win, they require far more detailed criteria to be fulfilled in a game. They can be tremendously fun to place for fans and supporters who have watched numerous EuroLeague games and have some knowledge about the teams playing in the competition. This does not mean that newcomers or those who have not watched the EuroLeague a lot cannot benefit, just that they may have to do more research as some of the bets can be quite specific.

Advanced Basketball Bets


Outrights are bets that regard the regular season or entire tournament as a whole, meaning there will be plenty of bets that will only be resolved at the end of the regular season or after the finals have concluded. There are numerous outrights that can be made on the EuroLeague, including which teams will win the regular season, which teams will make the playoffs, which teams will make the Final Four, and ultimately which team will win the EuroLeague championship.

Player bets may also be made available in this category, where bettors can bet on any of the top players to be the EuroLeague MVP, or be the EuroLeague Final Four MVP.

Game Props

Game props cover many different aspects of a game, these can range from 50-50 bets such as will there be an even or odd number of points scored in a game, to the result of the first half and second half.

To make some distinctions, there are props that relate to the game as a whole and those that relate to individual events in a game. Bets that relate to the game as a whole may be which quarter will be the highest scoring, will the game go to overtime, will a team win all four quarters, will a team win both halves, and more.

Bets that relate to certain details may be resolved before a game is concluded, these can include bets such as which team will make the first foul, which team will score the first rebound, which team will reach X points first, and similar types of bets.

Player Props

Player props are bets that can be placed on individual player performances. There may be players in a team that can be bet on to score in a particular half or quarter, to score a certain number of points, to open the scoring, and other bets. These offer punters the chance to single out their favourite players and take advantage of some bets that potentially offer the chance of massive returns.

Live Bets

Once a game starts, a huge selection of live bets will be made available. There are standard bets as well as more advanced bets, with odds that constantly update to reflect what is happening. These bets are attractive as they allow you to watch some of the action first and get a sense for the teams’ form. Furthermore, by keeping a careful eye on the changing odds, you may be able to spot some excellent opportunities.

Bets that relate to the game as a whole will be available throughout the game. These include bets such as full time result, point totals and handicaps, and there may be props such as will the game go into overtime, will the total number of points scored be odd or even, and so on.

The bets that relate to what will happen next or to ongoing halves or quarters will by definition be resolved much faster. These include bets such as the winner of a half or quarter, whether a player will score during the half or quarter, which team will open the scoring, which team will make the first foul in the ongoing quarter or half, which team will score the first rebound, and many more.