A Guide to National Futsal League Betting

National Futsal League

The National Futsal League is the English futsal league. It is the top tier of futsal in England, comprising 40 teams that play in the Premiership North, Premiership South, Championship North, Championship Midlands and Championship South. There are 8 teams that play in the top tier, and though the futsal league is organised by a similar organisation to the FA who organise the Premier League, that's where the association ends. The teams featured in the National League do not have the same names as the football clubs from the same cities in England. This futsal league features clubs such as London Helvecia Futsal Club, Manchester Futsal Club, Birmingham WLV Futsal Club, Bolton Futsal Club, Kent United Futsal Club, Loughborough Futsal Club, Bloomsbury Futsal Club and Worcester Futsal Club in the first tier.

English futsal has a growing fanbase, with more football fans starting to watch the mini-football games. It strongly resembles football, having all the same rules, only it is played with five a side and on a smaller field. This means that futsal players do not need to have the same levels of stamina and speed as the football players in the Premier League have. The futsal players need to rely on more ball control skills in games, as they will have to play in tighter conditions. The flow of play is also very different, as attacks and contra attacks are far more frequent and can build up in seconds, meaning that the games are packed with action.

How to Bet on the National Futsal League

Match Result

The most popular bet amongst futsal fans is on which team will win the match. Matches can end with the home team winning, the away team winning or it can end in a draw. A bet can be placed on which team will win the match, or whether it will end in a draw. Most fans will put their money on one of the teams to win, as it may feel unsettling to place money on a draw. Despite this, there are many games that finish in draws and because they are harder to predict, this usually offers longer odds.

Double Chance

If the risk is too high when predicting the match result, double chance bets may be a good alternative. These are three way bets, where a punter can put money on one of three options, each of which covers two possible outcomes: home team to win or a draw, away team to win or a draw, or home team to win or away team to win.


In futsal, the games are played in two halves and punters can bet on either half independently of how the match ends. In some cases, there may be matches where the favourite will want to establish their lead by scoring some goals early on and go into half time with a lead. On the other hand there may be underdog teams that will go into a second half behind and manage to score more goals in that half than their opponent, not necessarily winning the game but scoring more goals in that half. These are scenarios that run through bettor's minds as they try to place bets on halves. These bets are very thrilling to place and can make action in both halves even better to watch.

Total Goals

All fans enjoy seeing high scoring games, and with the totals bets they can enjoy these games even more. With totals, the bets relate only to how many goals are scored in a game, so these do not have any relation to which team wins the match. Neutral fans who want to place money on a match having many goals will like these bets. There are a range of options with the total number of goals bet, as these are presented with a value, such as 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5, and punters can bet on whether there will be over or under that amount scored in the game. A punter putting money on more than 4.5 goals during the game will need both teams to score at least 5 goals between them.


With these bets, fans can bet on a team to win but add a negative or positive handicap to their scoreline. A negative handicap, such as -1.5, -2.5 or -3.5 will mean the team that is bet on will need to win the game by at least 2, 3 or 4 goals. These are more difficult to win than placing a simple bet on the team to win, but the odds will be far higher. For the underdog teams, a positive handicap can be set. What this will do is increase their scoreline by +1.5, +2.5 or +3.5, and punters will win the bet as long as the team does not finish 2, 3 or 4 goals behind their opponents. This will reduce the odds but it will be a safer bet to place.

Game Props

In addition to the selection of bets mentioned before, there are also plenty more bets that can come with huge odds. Props bets are more specialised bets that relate to specific game statistics. These bets can be more difficult to win, but they can also make the smaller details of each match more exciting.

Game props may include bets such as which team will score first, will there be a red card in the game, correct score prediction and more. The more precise a bet is, the higher the odds will be, so for bets such as correct score prediction punters can expect some truly massive odds.