Futsal News and Betting Guides at Galera

Futsal is a sport with an ever-increasing fanbase around the world and it is hugely popular in Brazil. There are local leagues and numerous international competitions, such as the FIFA Futsal World Cup, and while there is no official ranking, many agree that Brazil is the world’s best.

Brazil is home to the Liga Nacional de Futsal and the country has also had great success in the Copa Libertadores de Futsal. In fact, since 2000, a Brazilian club has won all but two editions of the tournament. There are several other Futsal tournaments that Brazil has enjoyed massive success in such as the Grand Prix de Futsal and the Futsal Mundialito.

One of the reasons for Futsal’s popularity is that it is extremely exciting to watch. Played between two teams of five players each, it is a fast paced sport that requires an incredible amount of skill. Furthermore, fans of the sport have plenty of opportunities to bet on it.

If you are interested in the world of Futsal and betting on the sport, then you are in the right place. Here we will bring you information about the major leagues, tournaments and other events. You can find betting guides and previews, team news and much more. Be sure to check back regularly so that you are always up to date.