Where To Get Help With Gambling Addiction In Brazil

Gambling addiction is a worldwide problem. It is easy to think that you will never fall into the gambling trap, that you are safe and have control. However, things can spiral out of control easily, and regaining your life is challenging.

In Brazil, there are similar levels of gambling addiction to in other countries, around 1% to 1.3% of gamblers. Luckily, gambling addiction can be treated and overcome and there are numerous resources available to help people do just that.

Is Responsible Gambling an Option?

With most -if not every- addictions, people believe at first that they are in control. You tell yourself it will be a one-time thing, that you can stop whenever you want, and so on.

However, human psychology is much more complicated. We are built on habits, and once you turn gambling into a routine, it isn’t always as easy to stop as one would imagine.

However, there are several responsible gambling practices that will help you ensure your gambling never goes out of control. By making use of them, you can do a lot to ensure that your gambling remains a fun pastime and nothing more.

How to Know if You're Addicted to Gambling

Usually, people will know if they have an addiction. However, often a part of an addiction is being in denial.

According to behavior and mental health experts, compulsive gambling symptoms are as follows:

  • You feel worried and preoccupied with gambling - Always planning gambling activities
  • You slowly increase the bet to get the same thrill
  • You try to cut back or stop altogether but fail
  • You feel restless and can't stop thinking of gambling
  • You gamble as a means to escape real life and other problems
  • You lie to family members, friends, your partner, and even yourself
  • You risk relevant things like relationships and your job because of gambling
  • Stealing money or selling goods to have money to gamble

How to Stop Gambling and Regain Control

The first step toward healing is accepting you have a problem. In fact, if you are reading this post, chances are you are ready to regain control and stop gambling for good.

Here are some tips to help you in the journey:

1) Write Down Your Behavior

Carry a notebook with you in which you write what you are doing before, during, and after you feel the urge to gamble. It can help you discover patterns in your behavior. Say you feel like gambling each time you walk down a particular street, then you might want to avoid that street in the future.

It's also important to acknowledge your feelings. Do you feel anxious, relieved, or depressed after spending your money? Why do you gamble? Are you trying to elude responsibilities?

2) Plan Your Day in Advance

It's crucial to plan your day and routine in advance. Where will you be at the time of the day you are more likely to give in? If you go out with friends or spend the afternoon at the gym, you'll be distracted enough to avoid temptation.

3) Ways to Cope

What hobby or activity relaxes you? Pick it up, whether painting, jogging, dancing, or meditating. Anything that makes you feel better will help you get rid of addiction. You can also pick up new hobbies. Who knows? Maybe you find a new passion along the journey.

Extra tip: Buy a box and place coping items inside. For example, introduce your running shoes if jogging is one of your coping mechanisms. Alternatively, place your favorite book to read when you feel anxious.

When to Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, you can't solve your problems alone and that's when you need professional help from therapists or psychiatrists.

There are plenty of website that provide resources and emotional support for people who suffer from gambling addiction. Group therapy is effective because it shows that other people face the same situation, and you can have each other's back.

There are meetings every day, so there is no need to readjust your daily schedule. For example, on Mondays, you can attend five different locations:

  • Niteroi-RJ J.A. at 7:00 PM.
  • Rio de Janeiro-RJ J.A. at 12:00 PM & 19:00 PM.
  • Sao Caetano-SP J.A. at 8:00 PM.
  • Sao Paulo-SP J.A. at 8:00 PM.

And that's only for Mondays - There are meetings every day, including Sundays.

You can find more information on locations and times here.

One-on-one therapy with a psychologist is also an option - Some people prefer the intimacy a personal therapist provides. If you are not comfortable sharing your experiences and life with other addicts, seek a good therapist in Brazil and schedule an appointment.