What is Robin Round Betting?

Robin rounds are quite commonplace in sports tournaments and leagues. A robin round is basically a format where players or teams in a group need to play against all the other players or teams in the same group.

This structure is used in many sports leagues, and there may even be double robin rounds, where the teams play both at their home grounds and away at their opponent’s stadium. Robin rounds are used for qualification rounds in major international football tournaments as well as in domestic leagues, where the teams in each league division play in a double robin round format.

Basketball, baseball and many other sports also use this format, although the teams play in much smaller divisions that are grouped between the different conferences.

Robin Round Betting

Robin round bets are similar to parlays, but instead of combining multiple picks into one bet, where all picks need to be correct for the bet to pay, robin round betting breaks parlays into smaller groups of bets where if some of the bets win, the robin round bet will still pay out.

It sounds a bit difficult to understand, but once explained it is quite straightforward.

Robin rounds can be formed between as many teams as the bettor wants, so it can be customised into many different combinations. If three teams are chosen, the sportsbook will generate three separate two team parlays. If five teams are chosen, the book can generate either 10 two team parlays, 10 three team parlays, 5 four team parlays or 1 five team parlays.

For an example, the simplest robin round bet is when three teams are chosen to create three separate two team parlays. An example using the English Premier League may be:

  • Tottenham Hotspurs to win vs Wolverhampton Wanderers at odds 2.2
  • Manchester City to win vs Manchester United at odds 1.8
  • Chelsea to win vs Liverpool at odds 3.3

In a regular parlay, all of these bets would need to win for the bet to win. In robin round parlays, this three team parlay can pay out even if one of the games does not win. The three bets are placed into three separate bets of two, which will be:

Parlay 1

Tottenham Hotspur to win at odds 2.2

Manchester City to win at odds 1.8

Parlay 2

Manchester City to win at odds 1.8

Chelsea to win at odds 3.3

Parlay 3

Chelsea to win at odds 3.3

Tottenham Hotspur to win at odds 1.8

If Tottenham Hotspur does not win, the second parlay will still pay out. If Manchester City does not win, the third parlay will pay out, if Chelsea does not win then the first parlay will still pay out. If all of the bets win, then all three parlays payout, which brings the bettor the complete winnings. This makes robin round bets slightly more advantageous to use, compared to parlays.

How To Use Robin Round Bets

It can take some time to get used to creating robin round bets, but they are definitely worth taking the time to understand.  The possibilities for combining different matches into one robin round bet can be massive, as punters may choose to use three, four, five or more matches in the same bet. The number of bets that are chosen to be included in the robin round bet will greatly increase the number of payouts that are possible. This offers fans the chance to create very specific bets that can have potential massive winnings, but they can still turn a profit or return part of the stake if not all of the picks are correct.

There are many different possibilities when it comes to robin round betting, which means that punters will probably spend time trying out different combinations and seeing how much they stand to win from each one. However, while it may be a bit time consuming, those who put in the effort to learn how to use robin round bets could find it greatly beneficial.

A good place to start is by choosing a basic robin round bet between three teams where the betting will be divided into three separate paired bets. The odds are easier to understand and bettors will be able to calculate the winnings from each of the potential winning scenarios.

If punters are feeling more daring, they can try to place more ambitious robin round bets. While these are more complicated, the actual bets are compiled automatically on the betslip. Therefore, it is possible to experiment with different combinations and bet sizes without having to do any complicated calculations.