Top Brazilian Footballers in the English Premier League

Brazilian football has long been the heartbeat of the beautiful game, and the English Premier League (EPL) serves as a dynamic stage for some of the country's finest talents. As we navigate the rich tapestry of EPL history, it becomes evident that the blue, green, and gold of the Brazilian flag has woven an enduring legacy over the league. Now, galvanised by a new generation of players, Brazilian football culture continues to grow and evolve within English football.

Alisson Becker

In the summer of 2018, Anfield welcomed a keeper who would transform the backline from a liability to a bastion. Alisson Becker's arrival at Liverpool marked a turning point. His steady hands and almost prophetic sense of anticipation seemed a harbinger of things to come. The Brazilian international's seamless adaptation to the pace and physicality of the EPL yielded immediate rewards.

Becker's acrobatics and cool composure under pressure have solidified Liverpool's defence while his adept distribution has often served as the catalyst for their formidable counter-attacks. His accolades—ranging from the golden gloves at both club and international levels to the prestigious individual award of the Best FIFA Men's Goalkeeper—speak volumes of his impact. For Liverpool, Alisson isn't just a keeper; he's a formidable defensive architect in a team that demands excellence.


Raphinha's 2020 transfer to Leeds United heralded a shift in the Yorkshire club's attacking ethos. His technical wizardry, coupled with blistering pace, has seen him emerge as one of the most exciting wingers in the EPL. What sets Raphinha apart is not merely his flair but his footballing intelligence. His ability to switch tempo, dictate play, and slot crucial goals makes him the fulcrum around which Marcelo Bielsa's tactical innovation revolves.

The transfer to EPL was more than a change of league for Raphinha; it was an opportunity to tell the world that he could impact games, decide outcomes, and, most crucially, entertain. At Elland Road, he doesn't just play; he electrifies, bringing fans to the edges of their seats, often cheering as much outside the box as in. His presence is a nod to the global takeover of the EPL, with Brazilian footwork now a part of the throbbing Leeds United heartbeat.


There's a distinctive calm to Fabinho's game, a whisper on the field that turns into a crescendo of triumph at Anfield. His work rate is legendary, but it's his versatility that's proved crucial for Liverpool. Deployed as a midfielder, Fabinho's incisive passing, ball-winning tenacity, and an uncanny ability to shield the backline have made him indispensable. However, when call-of-duty demands, Fabinho metamorphoses into a centre-back, his composure unwavering, his duties adjusted, and the team remains secure.

In many ways, Fabinho embodies the modern game's ethos— versatile, disciplined, and fiercely competitive. He's played an instrumental role in Liverpool's tussles with domestic and European rivals, underlining his stature as a linchpin that every club dreams of.

Matheus Pereira

Matheus Pereira's joining West Bromwich Albion might have seemed like a quiet affair, but the echoes of his impact have reverberated far and wide. The playmaker's rise through the EPL ranks has been a story of grit and grace. He can orchestrate play from the flank, cut through the centre with incisive passes, and his clinical finishing from set-pieces has often been the difference between defeat and a hard-won draw.

Pereira's flair and footballing IQ have illuminated Albion's forays into top-flight English football. In him, the Midlands have discovered a talent that insists you keep an eye out for the quieter, perhaps more exquisitely constructed, plays that turn the course of a match.

Douglas Luiz

Aston Villa's midfield saw a transformation with Douglas Luiz's signing in 2019. The defensive midfielder's arrival punctuated a changed approach. Luiz's role is not about grabbing headlines; it's about pulling strings, orchestrating the game from beneath the spotlight. His measured passing, calm demeanour, and the ability to break opposition play have fortified Villa's tactical spine.

Luiz's impact is subtle, but it informs every moment on the pitch. His intelligence dictates the tempo, his decisions shape the club's performance, and his contributions to counter-pressing and defensive cover have made him a fan favourite. For Villans, he's the cog that keeps the intricate machinery of a game running smoothly.

Gabriel Jesus

Joining Manchester City in 2017, Gabriel Jesus stepped into the sizable shoes of Sergio Agüero, and though he's yet to fill them fully, his presence is a beacon of the future. Despite sharing playing time with established stars, Jesus's blend of pace and power has been a constant threat. His willingness to track back, to press high, and to create space has endeared him to the Etihad faithful.

Jesus stands as a symbol of Manchester City's future, a future where the samba style ushers in a new era of the blue moon. In him, the EPL finds a new protagonist, one still finding his story's rhythm but whose potential is the stuff of legends in the making.

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