Betting Preview for the Winter X Games 2024

Get ready for the Winter X Games 2024, an electrifying showcase of extreme winter sports set to take place from January 26 to 28 in Aspen, Colorado. Let us guide you through the high-octane world of the X Games, blending an array of competitive events with strategic betting insights. Perfect for both experienced bettors and newcomers to winter sports betting, our guide will provide you with a deep understanding of the key events, the athletes to watch, and the best approaches to betting. Dive into this guide to embrace the thrill and excitement of the Winter X Games 2024, where breathtaking skills and daring feats rule the snowy landscapes.

Events of Winter X Games 2024

From the gravity-defying Big Air to the intricate choreography of Slopestyle, each event presents its unique challenges and showcases the talents of world-class athletes. This section provides an in-depth look at the major events, breaking down their individual challenges and highlighting the athletes who are set to dazzle in Aspen.


Slopestyle is an exhilarating blend of snowboarding and skiing, where athletes navigate a course filled with a variety of obstacles, including rails, jumps, and boxes. This event tests athletes' technical skills, creativity, and consistency.

- The Challenge: Athletes in Slopestyle face a unique course that typically features 6 to 8 sections, including a mix of 'jibs' (such as rails and boxes) and jumps. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating tricks across these features, maintaining flow, and executing complex manoeuvres with precision.

- Who to Bet On: Look for athletes who have demonstrated versatility and the ability to perform high-difficulty tricks across different course features. Consistent performers and those with a flair for creativity tend to excel. Betting should focus on athletes with a strong track record in Slopestyle and who have shown they can handle the pressure of big-stage competitions.


The SuperPipe is a signature event at the Winter X Games, known for its dramatic, high-flying action. Athletes perform a series of tricks in a U-shaped, halfpipe course, showcasing their aerial skills and technical ability.

- The Challenge: Competitors in the SuperPipe must navigate a long, U-shaped course with steep walls, performing a series of high-altitude tricks. The pipe's hard, icy surface requires precise control for successful launches and landings. The sheer height of the jumps and the need for technical precision make this event a true test of skill and nerve.

- Who to Bet On: Athletes who excel in SuperPipe are usually those who can combine height and technical complexity in their tricks. When betting, look for competitors who have consistently performed well in past SuperPipe events and who are known for their aerial capabilities and innovative trick execution.

Knuckle Huck

Knuckle Huck is a relatively new addition to the X Games, offering a platform for athletes to showcase their creativity and innovation in trick execution off the knuckle of a slope.

- The Challenge: Unlike traditional jumps, the knuckle provides a unique takeoff point for athletes, requiring precise timing and an innovative approach to trick execution. The event emphasises creativity and style over technical complexity, making it a showcase of personal expression on snow.

- Who to Bet On: In Knuckle Huck, bettors should focus on athletes known for their inventive styles and those who have a history of pulling off unconventional tricks. This event often sees surprising performances, so keep an eye on athletes who have shown a knack for creativity and are willing to push the boundaries of what's possible in snow sports.

Ski SuperPipe

Ski SuperPipe, much like its snowboarding counterpart, is a high-adrenaline event that showcases the athletes' ability to perform audacious aerial tricks within a U-shaped halfpipe course.

- The Challenge: Athletes are tasked with executing a series of high-flying tricks over the pipe's steep walls. The key lies in achieving significant airtime, maintaining control, and executing technical tricks. The hardness of the SuperPipe demands precise landings and takeoffs, making it a thrilling spectacle.

- Who to Bet On: When betting on the Ski SuperPipe, focus on athletes known for their aerial skills and the ability to perform complex tricks consistently. Those with a history of excelling in similar conditions and who are known for their adaptability to the SuperPipe's challenging environment are often safe bets.

Snowboard Slopestyle

Snowboard Slopestyle is an event that combines elements of freestyle snowboarding with a course filled with various obstacles, including rails, jumps, and other features.

- The Challenge: This event demands a blend of creativity, technical skill, and a knack for high-flying stunts. Competitors are judged based on the difficulty of their tricks, execution, and overall flow throughout the course.

- Who to Bet On: Look for athletes who are versatile, able to execute complex tricks with precision, and have a history of performing well in slopestyle competitions. Athletes known for their innovative approaches and consistent performance across different course features are usually the top contenders.

Snowboard Big Air

Big Air in snowboarding is an event that focuses solely on the amplitude and technicality of tricks performed off a massive jump.

- The Challenge: Athletes must launch off a large jump, performing their most complex and daring aerial tricks. The focus is on the height of the jump, the execution of the trick, and the landing. The sheer scale of the jump adds to the difficulty and spectacle of the event.

- Who to Bet On: In Big Air, the best bets are on athletes known for their boldness and ability to perform under pressure. Look for competitors with a strong repertoire of high-scoring tricks and a history of thriving in high-stakes scenarios.

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