An Introduction to the 2024 Olympic Games

As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Olympic Games, we at Galera Bet are pleased to provide a comprehensive guide to this prestigious event. Hosted in Paris, these Games mark over a century since the city last welcomed the Olympics in 1924. Athletes from across the globe will compete in a wide array of sports, from traditional favourites such as track and field, gymnastics, and swimming, to exciting new additions such as breakdancing.

New Sports at the 2024 Olympic Games

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will introduce several new sports and modifications to the existing lineup, promising an exciting experience for spectators.


Making its Olympic debut, breakdancing, known as ‘breaking’, is set to captivate audiences with its energetic and acrobatic moves. This inclusion aims to attract a younger audience and recognises the growing appeal of urban sports worldwide. Competitors will showcase their skills in head-to-head battles, judged on creativity, technique, and musicality.

Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, and Surfing

Returning after their successful introduction in the Tokyo 2020 Games, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing will again feature in Paris. These sports were well-received for their dynamic and engaging formats. Skateboarding will include both street and park events, sport climbing will feature speed, bouldering, and lead disciplines, and surfing will take place on the waves of Tahiti, part of French Polynesia.

3x3 Basketball

A notable change in traditional sports is the inclusion of 3x3 basketball. This variation of the classic game is faster-paced, with three players per side and a half-court setup. It emphasises speed and agility, offering a fresh take on basketball that has gained popularity for its dynamic style and quicker matches.

Changes Swimming and Athletics

In swimming and athletics, there will be adjustments to schedules and qualifying criteria to streamline events and enhance competition fairness. These changes aim to keep the events relevant and exciting for modern audiences, ensuring that the best athletes can showcase their talents under optimal conditions.

The Main Events to Watch

The Olympics are known for their memorable and high-stakes competitions. Here are some key events to watch at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games:

Track and Field

Track and field events are always a highlight of the Olympics, showcasing some of the most dramatic and intense competitions.

100m Finals

The men’s 100m final on August 4th and the women’s 100m final on August 3rd are expected to draw global attention as sprinters compete for the prestigious title of the world’s fastest athlete.


The men’s decathlon, a gruelling 10-event challenge that tests versatility and endurance, starts on August 2nd. This event offers a unique spectacle as athletes compete in a range of disciplines from sprints to jumps and throws.


The men’s and women’s marathon, scheduled for August 10th and 11th respectively, will see athletes race through the scenic streets of Paris, testing their stamina and endurance.

Field Events

Key field events such as the men’s long jump and women’s pole vault finals, scheduled for August 6th and 7th, will feature athletes pushing the limits of human capability with extraordinary leaps and technical skill.

Mixed 4x400m Relay

The mixed 4x400m relay final on August 4th adds a new dynamic to the relay events, blending male and female athletes on the same team for a fast-paced and strategic race.


Swimming events are another major attraction at the Olympics, often featuring dramatic finishes and record-breaking performances.

100m Freestyle Finals

The men’s 100m freestyle final on July 31st and the women’s on July 30th are considered marquee events, drawing significant attention as top swimmers vie for gold.

400m Freestyle Finals

The 400m freestyle finals on July 27th test both speed and stamina, often leading to thrilling and closely contested races.

4x100m Freestyle Relays

The 4x100m freestyle relays on July 27th feature teams fielding their fastest swimmers, providing a captivating team-based competition.

Individual Medleys

The individual medleys, with the men’s 200m final on August 2nd and the women’s on August 3rd, showcase swimmers’ versatility across all four major strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastics events at the Bercy Arena will highlight strength, flexibility, and artistic skill.

Team Finals

The Men’s and Women’s Team Finals on July 29th and 30th respectively will see national teams compete across multiple apparatuses, combining individual scores for a team total.

All-Around Finals

The Men’s All-Around Final on July 31st and the Women’s on August 1st require gymnasts to perform on all apparatuses, testing their versatility and endurance.

Apparatus Finals

Scheduled from August 3rd to 5th, apparatus finals include events such as the Men’s Floor Exercise and Women’s Vault on August 3rd, and the Women’s Uneven Bars and Men’s Rings on August 4th.

Athletes to Watch


  • Simone Biles (USA) - Simone Biles is set to return, potentially for her third Olympics, aiming to build on her legacy as one of the greatest gymnasts.
  • Suni Lee (USA) - Suni Lee, the first Hmong American Olympic medallist, returns after winning gold in the all-around competition in Tokyo.

Track and Field

  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica) - Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, a dominant sprinter, will compete in her final Olympics, aiming to add to her impressive medal tally.
  • Sha’Carri Richardson (USA) - Sha’Carri Richardson, who missed the Tokyo Olympics, is a major competitor for Paris after winning gold at the 2023 world championships in the 100m dash.

Swimming and Surfing

  • Carissa Moore (USA) - Carissa Moore, the reigning Olympic gold medallist in women’s surfing, looks to end her competitive career on a high note in Paris.
  • Katie Ledecky (USA) - Katie Ledecky, with a record number of Olympic and world championship medals, continues to dominate long-distance freestyle swimming.

Olympic Betting at Galera Bet

At Galera Bet, we are excited to witness the incredible talent and sportsmanship on display at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Whether you are a seasoned sports enthusiast or a casual viewer, the Olympics promise to offer unforgettable moments and thrilling competitions. Stay tuned and get ready to place your bets on the world's greatest athletes as they strive for Olympic glory.