2024 T20 Blast Betting Preview and Guide

The T20 Blast, England and Wales’s premier domestic Twenty20 cricket competition, promises thrilling action in its 2024 season. Eighteen first-class county teams will battle it out for the coveted title across three weeks of explosive cricket.

T20 Blast: A Fan Favourite Since 2003

The T20 Blast traces its roots back to 2003 when the Twenty20 Cup first launched. Rebranded as the T20 Blast in 2014, it has grown into one of the most popular cricket tournaments globally. Fans flock to grounds across England and Wales each summer to soak in the electrifying atmosphere and watch their counties clash in fast-paced matches.

2024 T20 Blast: Key Dates and Venues

The 2024 T20 Blast is set to run from 30th of May to the 14th of September. Matches will take place at the home grounds of the participating counties. The tournament will begin with a group stage, with the 18 teams split into two groups of nine. The top four from each group then progress to the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals and the grand final to crown the ultimate champions.

Counties to Watch Out For

Front Runners

Expect the usual suspects to be strong contenders in 2024. Surrey, with their star-studded lineup, will aim to add another title to their trophy cabinet. Lancashire Lightning, boast a well-rounded squad capable of going all the way. Other powerhouses like Nottinghamshire Outlaws and Hampshire Hawks can never be counted out.


T20 cricket is known for its unpredictability, and the T20 Blast always throws up a few surprises. Keep an eye on Derbyshire Falcons, who have been steadily improving in recent years. Glamorgan, with a passionate Welsh fan base behind them, could also spring an upset or two. Never underestimate the determination of an underdog county to make their mark on the big stage.

Betting Markets to Explore

The 2024 T20 Blast offers a wide array of betting opportunities for fans looking to add an extra thrill to the viewing experience. Let's dive into some popular markets:

Outright Winner

Back your favourite county to lift the trophy. Will it be a traditional powerhouse or a dark horse? Surrey are often among the favourites, but the odds can be enticing for a less-fancied team. A £10 bet on Lancashire Lightning at 8/1 odds, for example, could return a handsome £90 if they go all the way.

Top Tournament Batsman

Predicting the tournament's leading run-scorer takes some cricket knowledge and a bit of luck. Study the form and past performances of star batsmen like Will Jacks or Liam Livingstone. A successful £20 wager on a player with 12/1 odds to be the top batsman could yield a sweet £260 payout.

Match Winner

Fancy your chances at calling the winner of an individual match? Look at factors like head-to-head records, squad strength, and home advantage. Betting £50 on Nottinghamshire Outlaws to beat Worcestershire Rapids at 1/2 odds, for instance, could net you a tidy £75 profit if the Outlaws prevail.

Over/Under Total Match Sixes

If you love the thrill of watching sixes fly into the stands, this market is for you. Bookmakers set a line for the total number of sixes in a match, and you predict whether the actual number will be over or under that line. It's a fun way to stay engaged throughout the game.

Top Team Bowler

Test your knowledge of the tournament's top bowling talents. Will it be a wily veteran spinner or a fiery young pacer who takes the most wickets for their team? A £30 punt on a bowler with 9/1 odds could lead to a satisfying £300 return if they top their team's wicket charts.

Man of the Match

Each T20 Blast game sees one player awarded the Man of the Match honour for their outstanding performance. This market challenges you to predict that standout performer. Odds can be generous for less-heralded players, offering the chance for a substantial payout if your pick comes through.

Highest Opening Partnership

Which team's openers will get their side off to the most explosive start? This market focuses on the first-wicket partnership, challenging you to predict which pair will post the highest stand. It's an interesting way to analyse the importance of strong starts in T20 cricket.

To Reach the Final

If you're not quite ready to pick the outright winner but have a strong feeling about a team making the final, this market is for you. The odds will be shorter than outright victory, but it's a less risky way to back a team you believe will go deep into the tournament.

These betting markets merely scratch the surface of what's available for the 2024 T20 Blast. From predicting individual player milestones to forecasting the total runs in an innings, there's a market for every type of cricket fan. As always, remember to bet responsibly and within your means. The real thrill lies in the on-field action, with betting serving as an entertaining sideshow.

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