Zitro – An Award-Winning Provider of Casino Games

Zitrois a Spanish software provider that has made a name for itself in the online bingo sphere and casino industry. In this overview, we look at the Spanish provider and cover a few of its incredibly popular games. Keep reading to find out more about Zitro.

What is Zitro?

Zitro is a leading software provider that was founded in 2007 by Johnny Ortiz. The company has over 300 employees working in the Barcelona Idea Factory to develop quality game ideas and turn them into high-level products. The software provider originates from Spain, where it began producing casino games before hitting the international gaming market.

At first, Zitro was exclusively producing bingo titles for players to enjoy. However, in 2016 the provider released its first ever video slot. Since then, the provider has simultaneously produced video slots and video bingo games alongside one another. Although Zitro is more renowned for its video bingo games, the provider has developed an audience for its video slots. Keep reading to find out why below.

Zitro Gaming Portfolio

The software provider has an ever-growing portfolio of casino games. The most noteworthy titles include video slots and video bingo, although the provider also has Cabinets that are available at brick-and-mortar casinos for retail gaming.

An Impressive Collection of Video Bingo Games

The reason behind Zitro’s success was the production of its video bingo games. The software provider began developing bingo games in 2007 and have drastically increased its production over the years.

Zitro has a collection of over 50 different bingo titles. Each of the games have their own themes and features. The themes of these games include Mexico, history, culture, toys, festivities, Halloween, fantasy and many more. Zitro categorizes its games into the following categories:

  • Dragon Win Series
  • Dragon Lamp 3 Series
  • Energy Series
  • Show Time Series
  • Electronic Bingo

Below, we look at what each of these categories mean.

Dragon Win Series

The Dragon Win Series is a collection of video bingo titles that award free gams or additional lamps to ensure a guaranteed prize. When playing Dragon Win Series games, players will have the chance to activate the Bonus Lamp by collecting three of them. This will award a guaranteed prize or free games.

Dragon Lamp 3 Series

The Dragon Lamp 3 Series of video bingo games gives players the chance to collect Bonus Lamps and boost their chances of winning one of four jackpots. When advancing to the Dragon Lamp Progressive with 5 lamps, players will win a jackpot prize and credits in prizes.

Energy Series

The Energy Series are a collection of video bingo games that have their own features and a bonus jackpot that feeds into all of the other Energy bingo games. If you manage to collect up to 6 Energy balls, you will have access to the bonus jackpot to win one of the four progressives!

Show Time Series

The Show Time series of video bingo games allows players to activate the special round for the same price of the bingo card. It gives players the access to several new features including the Jerrypot, Super Bingo, Sale, Thunderball, Bobby and Wild Crush.

Electronic Bingo

Zitro is one of the clear leaders of video bingo games in the online gaming industry. The electronic bingo series of games falls into the BET System that allows players to try their luck at bingo halls. The provider is one of the largest bingo establishments in the world, particularly in Latin America.

Digital Games

When playing Zitro titles online, players will have the chance to try their luck out on several video bingo and video slot machines. The provider has a variety of slot machines that have a Pick & Win feature and many more video bingo titles. Perhaps the most noteworthy online bingo game is La Calaca Bingo.

La Calaca Bingo – A Mexican-themed Video Bingo Game

La Calaca Bingo is a Mexican-themed video bingo game from Zitro. It celebrates the Mexican ‘Día de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) where families and friends pass their regards to the dearly departed. With skeletons, skulls and guitars, the La Calaca Bingo game from Zitro is a 75-ball variant that includes the Jerrypot prize, a special feature for bingo games.

Zitro Video Slots

Zitro is also known for producing games that have unique themes and features. The gameplay of every slot from Zitro is special in its own way. The provider has many series of slots that each have their own themes and features. The slot series include:

  • Altius Glare – three slot machines
  • Allure Glare – eight slot machines
  • Illusion Glare – nine slot machines
  • Fusion Glare – three slot machines
  • Mega Share Lounge – seven multi-games that share a progressive jackpot

However, despite all the success of the various video slots and series of games for Zitro, the provider won the 2022 “Slot Machine of the Year” at the BEGE Awards in Sofia, Bulgaria. Below, we have a brief overview of the provider’s award-winning slot machine.

Wheel of Legends – BEGE Awards 2022 “Slot Machine of the Year”

The Wheel of Legends slot machine from Zitro is an award-winning machine that is played on a 5x3 grid that has 243 ways to win. The game features a four-level progressive link where players will have the chance to advance through the levels of the multi-games. In addition, there are four progressive jackpots including a Minor, a Major and a Mega Jackpot.

Wheel of Legends is complete with a unique theme that includes familiar faces such as a blue genie. In the game, players can benefit from Free Games, Multipliers and Extended Wild Multipliers. To win one of the jackpots, players must spin correctly on a giant wheel that can award the Mega and Super Jackpots. Furthermore, the game also has a 5x2 layout for the New Bonus Jackpot reels. It is available on Altius Glare.

To Conclude

If you want to try out one of Zitro’s incredibly popular video bingo games or instant cash prizes, feel free to do so at Galera. We have a demo version of the game for you to try out before you decide to play for real money or not.