An Exceptional Collection of Roulette Games

At Galera, we have a variety of different roulette games that have a twist compared to standard roulette game. Keep reading to find out more.

101 Roulette

One of the most unusual yet exciting roulette variants from Playtech is 101 Roulette. Here at Galera, you are welcome to try out the roulette variant that has 101 numbers on the table. The numbers range from 0 to 100.

In 101 Roulette, the gameplay is the same as in normal roulette. However, instead of a spinning wheel, a ball spins around the table and lands eventually on one of the pockets. In addition to the green 0, there is also all green card suits that act as neutrals. That includes a green clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts pocket. Instead of dozen bets, players can wager on groups of 10 numbers.

The pay table in 101 Roulette includes a few tweaks, with a straight up bet paying 100:1, 49:1 for a split bet, 24:1 for a corner bet, 32:1 for a zero corner bet, 19:1 for a zero street bet, 9:1 for a street/column bet, 5:1 for a zero line bet, 4:1 for a line bet and 1:1 for the standard odds/even or black/red outside bets.

Essentially, there are a variety of different bets that can be played on 101 Roulette. It is an unusual variant from Playtech but definitely worth trying out for players that enjoy playing different roulette games.

Super Roulette

If you 105 pockets on the table scares you, perhaps Super Roulette is the way to go. It is a Playtech variant that has the numbers 0 to 12. In total, there are 39 slots on the wheel, as each number appears three times.

Super Roulette has the same standard gameplay as regular roulette. However, in this variant, there is also an outer multiplier frame that applies multipliers to any winning straight up bet. The multipliers on the outer frame of the wheel include:

  • x6 – appears once
  • x7 – appears thirteen times
  • x8 – appears once
  • x10 – appears seven times
  • x12 – appears four times
  • x25 – appears once
  • x100 – appears once

Before a round starts, you will have the chance to place wagers on individual numbers, numbers 1-6/7-12 or red/black. The pay table for these bets are 1:1 on the outside bets and 5:1 for straight up bets. However, when placing straight up bets, you will always have the chance of boosting your payout with one of the multipliers above.

The top prize in Super Roulette is a payout of 100:1 for winning a straight up bet that has the x100 multiplier behind it. The maximum RTP for Super Roulette is 95.6% which is understandable, considering the top prize.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Moving away from smaller sized tables and larger sizes ones, Age of the Gods Roulette is a variant that has a special theme and prize in it. The gameplay is similar to that of European Roulette, although instead of 37 pockets, there are 38. The extra pocket is an Age of the Gods slot.

In Age of the Gods Roulette, the same standard rules apply as in regular roulette. Players can place inside and outside bets, not to mention race track bets as well. The betting table gives players the chance to bet on Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, Tiers and Neighbour bets.

The only outstanding feature of Age of the Gods Roulette is the special Age of the Gods pocket. If you have an active bet on it, and the ball lands on it, you will trigger the bonus feature. Once the bonus feature is triggered, you are taken to a new screen that has a 1-line slot machine.

The aim here is to obtain a winning combination on the payline with three spins. Players are guaranteed to win at least once. The Age of the Gods bonus feature can pay out prizes ranging from 4:1 to 299:1

In addition, the roulette game is also linked to the progressive Age of the Gods jackpot. The jackpot can trigger at any time during the game. When it triggers, you are taken to a screen that has 20 coin symbols. Behind each of the coins, there is a hidden jackpot symbol. If you match three of the jackpot symbols, you are paid out the corresponding jackpot. The four progressive jackpot prizes include:

  • Power Jackpot – starts at €50
  • Extra Power Jackpot – starts at €500
  • Super Power Jackpot – starts at €5,000
  • Ultimate Power Jackpot – starts at €100,000

Essentially, the Age of the Gods Roulette variant is certainly one of the most popular games at our catalogue. It also gives you the chance to participate in a bonus round and potentially win a progressive jackpot!

Mini Roulette

Similar to Super Roulette above, Mini Roulette is another roulette variant that only has the numbers 0 to 12 in play. However, instead of including these numbers three times each, the roulette wheel only has 13 pockets.

In Mini Roulette, players can place straight up bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, three bets, four bets and column bets. Additionally, the regular outside bets including red/black, odd/even and 1-6/7-12 are also included.

Mini Roulette does not have an additional bonus features. Instead, players enjoy the same regular game of roulette but on a much smaller and simpler table. The maximum payout in this game is 11:1 that is won on a straight up bet. Theoretically, there is a 1/13 chance of landing your straight up wager, making Mini Roulette the ideal game for players that prefer to bet it all on a single number. The game has an RTP of 96.15%.

To Conclude

If you want to play these games at Galera, feel free to do so. We have both the free play and real money versions of the game.